Finding the time to deal with an old, wrecked, junk car or truck can be difficult.  Busy lives, work schedules, family committments can get in the way of simply taking care of business. Then there's the issue of finding the title.  When we move from place to place, paperwork gets lot and misplaced.

AUSTIN JUNK CARS makes getting rid of a junk car or truck EASY!

To make life a little simpler and sweeter, here are some answers to FAQ just for YOU!



Simply stated, the answer is YESLegally, you can't sell a car in Texas without a certified title. New owners can't register a vehicle without one.Salvage companies won't buy them. Out of state titles are fine. Titles without current registration are no problem. Junk cars without a title can't be legally sold or purchased. 

This is really for your protection.

The title protects the owner from unauthorized sales (theft!) It also protects legitimate buyers from buying stolen vehicles or from buying vehicles with outstanding liens. If there are liens on the title from a bank or a title lending company, the borrower still owes the money even if the vehicle has been sold to someone else. Technically, the lienholder (bank, dealership,finance company) still owns the vehicle so the sale may not be valid and the buyer is out the money with nothing to show for it.  Check out

What if I used to have the title but I lost it or just can't find it?

If you can't find the paperwork, no problem.

Can you wait a month? If so, go online, pay $2 and request one from the DMV. If you need one NOW, go in person to a regional DMV office with the required documents showing ownership, pay less than $6 and get a new one. For Travis and Bastrop counties, the regional office is on PARMER Lane in North Austin. Either way, check out the link below for specifics.

Can I sell the vehicle that was abandoned on my property?

If a car or truck was abandoned for more than 48 hours, you must have the original title signed by the current owner before you can legally sell it. Selling it without a title is considered theft.Track down the current owner through the DMV and ask him/her to sign it over to you.

If you want the vehicle removed from your property and you can't find the owner or they won't cooperate, you'll have to call the police to have it towed. Unfortunately, you can't sell it.  Nor can you title it in your own name.  The owner (whatever   name is on the title currently) still owns the vehicle, regardless of its location. Unless you are the owner of a storage facility or garage where the vehicle was abandoned, you cannot collect storage fees.

What about bonded titles?

Selling a car with a bonded title is no problem. If you have a vehicle without a title and want to sell it, getting a bonded title IS an option. However, the process isn't quick and you MUST meet certain conditions. You must be a Texas resident. The vehicle must have been previously titled in Texas and CANNOT BE JUNKED, ABANDONED, STOLEN or missing any necessary components (frame, body, motor.) You must purchase a surety bond at 1 1/2 times the value of the vehicle should the owner return and assert ownership. For complete details, click on the following link below:

What about junk buyers that offer "No title - No problem"

There are junk buyers out there that operate outside the law. No legitimate salvage company will buy a junk vehicle without a title. Some buyers may purchase your vehicle for parts and scrap the metal. Others may get it running again and resell it without a title or have a "buddy" at the DMV that can get a doctored title for it. Your junk car might be chopped up and combined with (an)other vehicle(s) to make a "frankenstein"  then sent out of the state or country. Typically you'll get no more than $50-$100 for your vehicle, far less than if you sell it with a title.

If you want FULL VALUE for your junk car or truck, stay within the law using one of the methods above. This protects you, the buyer and future unsuspecting buyers down the road from harm and loss.

So, what do I do next to sell my junk vehicle?

It's simple. Locate your keys. Find your title or get one using one of the methods above. Don't sign anything just yet! Find your phone and give Auto Salvage Queen a call @ (512) 294-8822. We'll quote you the best possible price for your junk vehicle, have a tower contact you to schedule pick up convenient to your schedule and recycle, reuse or dispose of your vehicle consistent with public safety and a safe, green Austin environment.


Craigslist is a great place to look for junk car buyers. That's why we're on there! Check out our Article CONTACT US NOW!


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